There are many benefits to having staff profiles on your website:

  • Meet Our Team is one of the most popular web pages on a medical site
  • Allows your patients to see and make a more personal connection with staff
  • Show the skill expertise and credentials of your team to customers
  • Presents the human side of your business with a real human face. Customers are more friendly and less sterile and hostile to a person if they can see they have a face.
  • Helps make your staff feel valued and more connected to your practice

Get each staff person to write their own profile:

  • Must be written in the third person like a short biography
  • Provide a list of questions to help staff write their profile
  • Set a maximum word limit for each staff persons profile
  • It's best if the profiles are similar in length
  • Give staff time to think about, research and write a great profile


Provide your staff with a list of questions to consider when they’re writing their profile.  Typical questions may include:

  • When did you join the company?
  • What’s your day-to-day role?
  • What is your passion relating to your career and current role?
  • What credentials and skills do you have related to your career?
  • Is there something about your personal life you’d like to include:  Eg. how do you relax when you’re not at work, hobbies, kids, loves to travel, loves pets, etc.

Include a professional photo of each staff member:

  • If your staff already have professional photos you can use those.
  • Consider getting a photographer in for a few hundred dollars to take professional profile shots. If you use a professional, make sure you take the opportunity to get a group shot, reception shot, building, action shots with staff working.
  • Decide on a theme for your staff photos. So the photos all have a unified look, decide up front what you want to convey; natural, relaxed, happy, fun, professional, confident, experienced, quirky, creative, etc.


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